Stair style variations and Wood  

Wood selections

We only use the finest wood available, our craftsmen build each piece of our custom stairs to order. Our Stairways are custom built from a variety of hardwoods, including Ash, Yellow Birch, Red Birch, Cherry, Hard Maple, Oak, Mahogany and more. Custom stairs and railings

Open stairs
Several or all of the treads and risers are open or exposed on one or both sides for balusters or railings.

Open riser These stairs without risers are often used with spiral stairs.

Box stairs The stair treads and risers are boxed in on both sides.

We deliver on Time

Your deadline for the delivery of our custom stairways is our deadline, too. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your plans or set up a visit for an initial consultation.

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Custom crafted stairs

We work from existing plans, rough drawings and our own designs. Our skilled craftsmen create custom stairways that will be admired and appreciated by all.

Our designs

We have designed and built a wide variety of custom stairways using a vast selection of woods and stair part styles. You can Choose from a variety of balusters, newel posts and railings to give each stairway a very individual look.

Our Stair designs include:

Spiral This circular stairway is well suited for areas with limited space.
custom wood railings
Straight Running in one continuous straight line, these stairs can be full or partially boxed or open.

Curved The shape follows the arc of a circle, with stair parts bent accordingly. We have experience in creating a wide array of custom stair curves and layouts fabricated to exact specifications.

Winder This straight staircase is split with a landing for a U-or L-shaped design. Stairs can be boxed or open and pie-shaped treads can be used for a change in direction.

Flared The initial bottom steps flare out, giving the appearance of an elegant curved staircase. The flared style can be added to a straight, winder or curved-style stair.


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